Little Joya Vanilla Cream


Little Joya, the wife of Little Joe is beautiful, always inlove and smiling! She is the perfect woman! Made in Italy, the Little Joya car air fresheners are available in a range of 3 fragrances, each with its own associated colour. They come with a special clip that enables the scented Little Joya character to be fitted to an A/C air vent, which helps to distribute the fragrance around the cabin. Once in place, Little Joya air fresheners will continue to deliver just the right amount of fragrance for 45 days.

Vanilla Fragrance: Vanilla is strongly aromatic and contributes warm, floral notes. It’s a gentle but distinct smell that complements many areas of your home and car. From a perfumer’s perspective, the beauty of vanilla lies in its complex odour. It is an odour that encompasses a broad range of adjectives. You can describe vanilla as being gourmand, soft, floral or dried tobacco, woody and resinous.

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