Little Joe New Car


Little Joe Mini Blister range has been created based on consumer statistics as to what fragrances and colours the consumer enjoys most along with the mini blister packaging. Made in Italy, these Little Joe 3D car air fresheners are available in a range of 8 fragrances. They come with a special clip that enables the scented Little Joe character to be fitted to an A/C air vent, which helps to distribute the fragrance around the cabin. Once in place, Little Joe air fresheners will continue to deliver just the right amount of fragrance for 45 days.

New Car Fragrance: The smell of a new car is intoxicating. It reminds us of money and shiny objects. It evokes that golden period before repeat coffee stains and mouldy Tupperware. There is nothing quite like the smell of a new car and so Supair has created an exact replica of what your car smelt like the first time you stepped inside it. “The smell is mostly organic compounds in the vehicle off-gassing. Anything that is vinyl or plastic - the foam lamination on the seat surface, the plastic on the dash or on the door panel - it’s the volatile organic compounds coming out of them that causes that smell.”