Little Dog Flower


Little Dog is the newest edition to the Little Joe family of car air fresheners. Little Dog is available in 3 different colours, each with its own associated fragrance. They come with a special clip that enables the scented Little Dog character to be fitted to an A/C air vent, which helps to distribute the fragrance around the cabin. Once in place, Little Dog air fresheners will continue to deliver just the right amount of fragrance for 45 days.

Flower Fragrance:  As people we like our vehicles to feel fresh and clean at all times, floral fragrances are known famously for maintaining air odour, leaving it smelling pleasant and beautiful with just a few splashes of some citrus, berry or lightly musky scents. The great thing about the Flower scent is that it is not too flowery or sweet to overbear your senses, as they contain the perfect balance of aromas to keep everyone asking what have you put inside your car.

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