About Us

Supair SA established in October 2015 sells and distributes high quality automotive products namely Little Joe Car Air Fresheners in South Africa.

One of the reasons we chose Little Joe is the technology behind the product. Tremendous amounts of research have been done in getting the right amount of fragrance to emanate from these little characters, as well as producing a scent that is very appealing.

The Little Joe fragrances are designed and developed by a production plant in Italy, through the collaboration of fragrance houses such as CFF, GRC, Givaudan and Firmenich – thus ensuring only the highest quality of fragrance in your car creating a heavenly sensation on the nose. 

Little Joe and his family are available in a range of characters. These characters were an extension to the original Little Joe and were aimed at allowing vehicle owners to associate even further with Little Joe through gender. Little Joya, the wife of Little Joe has also just joined the family along with their pet, Little Dog.